A "NON-GLARE" needle plate?

Posted by Dave McCallum on Apr 2nd 2012

Many of you will have heard me to say that I love questions about the Featherweight sewing machines. One of the best ways to learn something is to teach something. Answering questions is a similar "back-against-the wall" situation.

"Where do I get a Non-Glare" needle plate" was the question?

My first reaction was; "You don't". But then....well maybe....let me think on this a bit.

Some of the later "pale celery" (otherwise known as "white") Featherweights came with a numbered needle plate that had a satin finish to it that would serve as non-glare surface. I do not know if Singer designed this finish for needle plates as a non-glare surface. I have been seeking Singer brochures that might have promoted a "non-glare" finish on any of their machines, but I have not been able to find such a beast.

But there is a satin finished numbered needle plate that came with the 1964 and later white machines that does fit any Featherweight, but it might not fit your budget. The average bright chrome numbered and marked (for seam allowance) needle plates seem to be averaging about $45 on eBay. The ending cost for a satin finished numbered needle plate shouldn't be much more. The numbering on the needle plate has to be checked as there is a metric numbered plate design and a fractions of an inch numbering design which many in America will be more comfortable with.

By the way; eBay is an excellent place to see what things are selling for. When I am just seeking pricing information as to the cost of something (on eBay or off) I will put an auction of that thing onto the "watch list" of and eBay will email you when the auction is drawing to a close so you can bid if the auction price is attractive (and you want to) or just glean the information and run with it. You are under no obligation to buy something that you have placed into the"watch list".

I don't think using the term "non-glare" in your eBay search wording will help, if you ask for just a "Featherweight 221 needle plate" you will have several auctions to pick through. And try again later as the auctions are always being added to and closed so the options change frequently.

It has been my experience with the satin finish needle plates that the finish can be scratched by pin-heads being drug across them. Watch for scratches on one you are looking at to buy, from anyone, and then pull your pins before they get to the needle plate if you get a Non-Glare plate.

Source: Dave's Blog