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We buy Singer Featherweight 221 and 222 portable sewing machines in any condition and bring them back to life in our Singer Featherweight shop in Scottsdale, Arizona. If possible, we will restore them with new replacement parts as close to original and some we fully restore and repaint in custom colors. These machines are quality, low maintenance machines made in the 30’s-60’s and because of their size and quality are wonderful for quilters who travel with their sewing machine and take their machines to classes or retreats.


Featherweight “Spa Day” classes are where we teach and train Singer Featherweight 221 and 222 owners how to properly clean, maintain, and service their sewing machine themselves, sometimes even using replacement parts, rather than needing to pay for someone else at a repair shop. We are also creating instructional videos and written training materials to help equip Singer Featherweight sewing machine owners everywhere.


We take in your SInger Featherweight 221 or 222 machine and perform repairs and regular service tune-ups in our shop to ensure your machine is running in tip-top performance. In addition, we also offer many original and reproduction replacement parts and accessories for Singer Featherweight sewing machines as well as manuals, notions and other items for quilters and stitchers in our online shop.



Breathing new life into vintage Singer Featherweight machines.

With 20+ years experience quilting, teaching, working with and working on Singer Featherweight 221 and 222 machines, we love to see these well-built machines continue to make perfect little stitches and as a result live a new life as a great portable machine for quilters for years to come.

We love seeing new and experienced quilters share in the joy of sewing with these classic vintage machines.

Sewing machines are just not made like they were 50+ years ago. With all metal construction and simple mechanics, Singer Featherweight machines were well built with quality parts and as a result, if well restored and maintained, can operate just as they did when they were new in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

Darlene has had the idea to launch this website and grow this online shop for years.  From the first Featherweight machine that Andy bought for Darlene, she and Andy certainly knew they had their hands on something special. Now they want to help give new life to these machines and share everything they know about Featherweights with others.

Singer Featherweight 221 and 222 replacement parts from featherweight doctor shop
Artisan_Team DARLENE | OWNER

quilter, long-arm quilter, instructor

Darlene has over 20+ years quilting, long-arm quilting, and working with and on Singer Featherweight machines. She is also a nationally recognized machine quilting and Featherweight maintenance instructor and therefore she loves equipping quilters with new skills for making quilts and using their sewing machines, especially Featherweight machines.

Artisan-TasterANDY | OWNER

restorer, servicer, teacher, technologist

Andy is a troubleshooter by nature. He loves working in the shop, figuring out why things don’t work and repairing machines sometimes with replacement parts to achieve their top operating performance. He also is a tech geek and loves figuring out new processes to help restore, repair and maintain Singer Featherweights. Additionally, he enjoys seeing people learn to self-maintain their own machines.

Artisan_Team COLE

servicer, restorer, photog, videographer

Cole helps with all areas of the restoration and service processes including cleaning and installing replacement parts, but his passion is photo and video. He took most of the photos on this site and will be shooting all of our instructional videos and videos for our newsletter. He always has great ideas and therefore we have implemented many great ideas for the online shop and website.



design assistant, queen of fun

Reagan is a full-time ballerina, but also has a wonderful eye for design and colors. She helps pick the beautiful colors that are used to paint machines as well as the color of the decals used. She is also our initiator of fun in the shop. If things get too serious, she is always there to help us remember if it isn’t fun it’s not worth doing. 

Artisan_Team GREG and NANCY

quilter, restorer, servicer, book-keeping

Nancy has been a quilter for many years and Greg has worked in customer service and technical skills his whole life. Greg and Nancy bring a wide range of skills to help Featherweight Doctor and their experience is a valuable resource to the team.


Featherweight Trunk Show

Saturday, January 6: 10am – 2pm

Modern Quilting Phoenix, AZ

Featherweight Spa Day Maintenance Class

Friday, January 12: 10:30am – 5pm

Modern Quilting Phoenix, AZ

AZ Quilters Guild Show

March 22 – 24, 2018

Mesa Convention Center | Mesa, AZ


“My machine just wouldn’t make consistent stitches and ran really slow. The Featherweight Doctor did an annual service, tuned my “Sissy” up and now she runs like a top.”

– Betty | Mesa, Arizona

“I saw the yellow Featherweight on social media and just had to have it. The Featherweight Doctor answered my email quickly and I made the purchase. Shipping was super fast and I was up and sewing within a couple of days.”

– Tammy | Chicago, Illinois

“Lots of little things I like, but I think what’s really important is that they know, really KNOW, the Featherweight. From having a machine broken down to pieces – to customizing and to using the machine for sewing/quilting!
I feel secure in knowing if I would have a question, they have an answer. Couldn’t be happier!”

– Dianne | Gilbert, AZ

“My new Featherweight is beautiful and Darlene and Andy are very knowledgeable. I am so happy I found The Featherweight Doctor.”

– Shannon | Vancouver, BC


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