She SEWS!  Bessie's Restoration to a new Beginning

She SEWS! Bessie's Restoration to a new Beginning

Posted by Darlene Girton on Jul 22nd 2020

Some people will not understand this post. She SEWS!  I went on an unscheduled rescue mission yesterday to save a Singer Featherweight from the dump. She was the worst condition machine I’ve ever seen. She looked like she had been stored in a mud puddle. I thought maybe some parts were still usable. Motor was seized. Actually the whole machine was “stuck”.  I took one look at the little machine and thought, "we can do better than this!"

Today I took her out and started disassembling. First the easy stuff. Presser foot, motor, throat plate. She isn’t a good candidate for paint as her aluminum rot will cause issues with new paint. After many hours of working, soaking, scrubbing. She SEWS. You heard me, SHE SEWS!! Her original motor and all!  I wanted to pay respects to the original engineers who designed this timeless machine. I've only had one other machine that came close to the condition of this one.  It didn't have a motor or bobbin casing, or case, or presser feet.  That was a labor of love but she roared to life too.  It's a testament to the creators that purposefully designed a machine that could last forever.  A very different task than the engineers of today in our disposable society.  This is why I LOVE this vintage stitcher and also why I LOVE my job.

So, why did I waste my day on a machine that no one would want to purchase?  Even my husband asked this question. I think I needed a win. In this COVID season, it feels like one step forward, two steps back.  I think we all need a win.  Somedays, I feel like this little machine. I am hardly abused or neglected but definitely siloed, a little worse for the wear the last couple of months. Much like you, i've missed vacations, important Birthdays, friends, family and on bad days, hope.  But this little machine still has value and a purpose.  So do I and I needed that reminder this week.  Most of us will come out on the other side of this season wiser and more prepared.  I want to emerge with new purpose, and be on mission everyday.  My goal is to encourage you my friends to have purpose.  I am inspired.  You should be too!

My daughter and I named her Bessie.  She will most probably accompany me along with Minnie Mouse to shows and speaking engagements in the future once I can teach and travel again.  She will join my prestigious collection of priceless machines. Bessie's purpose in my collection is Hope.