1955 Singer Featherweight 221, School Bus Yellow

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Bright Yellow 1955 Singer Featherweight 221with Classic Black Decals. This little cutie is ready for her first day of school. 

At Featherweight Doctor, we take only the machines that are in rough shape to paint. We spend 15 hours, disassembling, stripping, painting, and reassembling. We use only professional painting products and high-end show car paint. We can paint nearly any color, so if bright yellow isn't your favorite, we can make your "dream machine" as a custom paint request. 

This machine comes with...

New Soft Carrying Bag (Black or Red Color Choice)

1/4" Foot (Popular Quilters Foot)

Walking Foot (Popular Quilters Foot)

Darning Foot (Popular Quilters Foot)

Foot Controller

Bobbin Casing

(5) bobbins

Protective Bed Covers for use while stored. 

Each machine that comes through our shop is thoroughly testedoiled and greased. A motor service is performed, tensions and timing tested. Darlene, our founder, quality controls everything before it is shipped. If it doesn't pass Darlene's standards, it's back to the service area. 

We ship all over the country with a flat $50 shipping fee. No tax is collected in all states other than Washington. 

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