Maintenance and Cleaning Brush for Singer Featherweight 221, 222

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The Maintenance and Cleaning Brush is used for cleaning the inside of the Singer Featherweight 221, 222. The bristles of the Maintenance and Cleaning Brush are made from Nylon. One end of this handy tool, which resembles a small broom is to remove lint from all those pesky places like under the needle plate and the bobbin area. The other side is a brush which looks like a mini chimney sweep. It's used to clean your metal gears of old grease for regular service. You can use with Kerosene on the inside of the machine only to remove the old stinky black grease. Don't saturate the brush but dampen it to have the most cleaning power. Make sure that the kerosene doesn't leak down onto the electrical cords, which is the purpose of not saturating the cleaning tool. Also, avoid getting kerosene on the other side finish. This type of cleaning should be down annually or whenever a mechanical order develops.

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