New Schmetz Mixed Quilting Needles

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Quilting needles from Schmetz are my favorite needles, because they work in all of my machines including the Singer Featherweight.  Sewing machine needles are a fairly disposable commodity. Once a quilt is pieced and quilted, your needle has likely reached its limit.  A dull needle will tear through the fibers of your quilt and likely damage it.  This mixed pack of needles includes (3) 75-11 and (2) 90-14 needles.  The weight of your thread dictates the size of your sewing needle.  For a thread weight of 40-50, use 75-11 needles.  For a heavy weight thread, 30 wt or lower, use the 90-14 needles.  If you notice that your upper threads are breaking more often, changing my needle may remedy the problem.  It’s handy to have many needles on hand, as you never know when one might break or become too dull for effective use. 

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9.00 (in)
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