Vintage Adjustable Hemmer, Simanco 35931

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This attachment fits in place of the standard presser foot and will make hems from 3/16th to 1” wide. Loosen the thumb screw at the front of the hemmer and move the slide to the right or left until the small pointer is against the desired width; then tighten the screw. Insert the edge of the fabric between the slide and the number gauge, and draw it backwards and forwards until the hem is formed. Lower the presser bar and start to sew making sure the guide remains full of cloth. To make a hem more than 1” wide either remove the thumb screw and slide, or loosen the screw and draw the slide to the right as far as it will go and then turn it towards you. Fold and crease the hem to the desired width, pass the fold under the extension at the right of the hemmer, then insert the edge into the folder and sew.

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