Working with Good Materials

Posted by Darlene Girton on Jan 19th 2018

As a long-arm quilter, working with good materials makes any job easier. From good quality fabric to high-end battings, working with excellent raw materials makes even the hardest projects fun. I believe the same holds true for sewing on reliable equipment. If the level of frustration from your equipment overshadows the amount of satisfaction from piecing your quilt then you have entered a funny place. I tell my clients all the time, that working on equipment that does what you tell it to do when you ask it to do it is invaluable. That is the type of sewing you can expect from your Featherweight. Simple, easy, timeless, precise, pleasurable times spent making your favorite projects. If you have a friend with one, ask her if you can sew on it for a while. You will know what I mean!